ComStar Pure Lye®

People love ComStar Pure Lye® because it’s consistently pure and it works, whether you are cleaning drains or making soap (or dozens of other uses).


Our Company

ComStar International Inc. manufactures the most comprehensive product line of environmentally safe, industrial strength chemical products for trade professionals.

For over 50 years, ComStar has been a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing over 360 proprietary products designed specifically for a breadth of applications used worldwide in the HVACR, plumbing, commercial and industrial maintenance industries.

ComStar is proud to be a business that uses smart-growth strategies and consistently employs talented individuals and strategic partners.


Industrial Petrolic Corporation (IPC) was formed in New York in 1970 as a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemical products for professionals in the oil heat and plumbing industries.

In 1990, a group of investors founded ComStar to acquire IPC and expand the product line from 100 to over 360 products. ComStar diversified it’s offerings not only to the HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) industries, but also the hospitality, train, automotive, indoor air quality, precision parts, and building maintenance industries.

Our Work

For decades ComStar has been committed to developing sustainable solutions for the environment. Our ingenuitive and award-winning products have been honored by many agencies, publications, utility and manufacturing organizations.

The majority of ComStar products are formulated to preserve our natural resources and will not harm the air, water, or ground. Whether you need one special product, or a full line, we develop unique solutions for all your chemical needs.

ComStar is working toward a brighter future for generations to come with safer products and unsurpassed efficacy at superior value.

Spoon and beads

ComStar Pure Lye® Beads

Drain Cleaner – 99% Pure

ComStar achieved a perfect balance when Pure Lye beads were produced small enough to dissolve in water, yet still had the weight to sink through standing water to break up even the toughest organic clogs.

No water or colors or fillers like traditional store-bought drain cleaners. Just the stuff that works — in the ideal form.

  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Will not contaminate water
  • Can be used on chrome, metal and plastic
  • Can also be used to make soap

Beads are easy to pour. Won’t spill.

Make your own soap

ComStar Pure Lye® is the perfect base for handsome soaps you can use at home or gift to friends.

Soap making can be very simple or you can make it as complicated as you like. The beauty of making your own soap is that you can make it with the ingredients that you choose and the fragrances that you like, such as herbs, essential oils, colors and moisturizers.

Spoon and flakes

ComStar Pure Lye® Flakes

Soap Making – 99% Pure

The consistent purity of ComStar Pure Lye® also attracts soap makers. The best soap crafters won’t stand for fillers or dyes. They need it white and bright and contaminant-free.

ComStar introduced Pure Lye flakes which don’t cling to fingers or tools and dissolve quickly. Pure Lye flakes are a soap maker’s dream.

  • Won’t static-cling to tools and hands
  • Easy and safe storage
  • Odorless

The flakes are large but dissolve quickly

Buy ComStar Pure Lye®

Not just drains and soap, ComStar Pure Lye® has plenty of other uses too.

Need more lye

Need More Lye?

2 gallon pails, 5 gallon buckets & 55 gallon drums are also available!

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