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Comstar Pure Lye®

People love ComStar Pure Lye because it’s consistently pure and it works, whether you are cleaning drains or making soap (or dozens of other uses).

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As is the case many products, ComStar was approached by a major hardware chain to create the world’s best lye-based product to be used as a drain opener and soap making ingredient. The chemists went to work and soon had an “a-ha” moment.

ComStar brainiacs figured a properly configured bead would be the silver (or white) bullet for clogged drains. Flakes were soon produced to provide a user-friendly base for making handcrafted soap.

Comstar Pure Lye® Beads

Drain Cleaner – 99% Pure

ComStar achieved a perfect balance when Pure Lye beads were produced small enough to dissolve in water, yet still had the weight to sink through standing water to break up even the toughest organic clogs.

No water or colors or fillers like traditional store-bought drain cleaners. Just the stuff that works — in the ideal form.

  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Will not contaminate water
  • Can be used on chrome, metal and plastic

Beads are easy to pour. Won’t spill.

Comstar Pure Lye® Flakes

Soap Making – 99% Pure

The consistent purity of ComStar PureLye also attracts soap makers. The best soap crafters won’t stand for fillers or dyes. They need it white and bright and contaminant-free.

ComStar introduced Pure Lye flakes which don’t cling to fingers or tools and dissolve quickly. Pure Lye flakes are a soap maker’s dream.

  • Won’t static-cling to tools and hands
  • Easy and safe storage
  • Odorless

The flakes are large but dissolve quickly

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Not just drains and soap, Comstar Pure Lye has plenty of other uses too.

Need More Lye?

2 gallon lye pails, 5 gallon lye buckets & 55 gallon pure lye drums are also available!

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